Making Your Event a Crowning Success!

Pink Flower Fairy 


I am a fairy Princess and my job is to tend to the pink roses of the fairy kingdom :)

Like most fairies I posses magical fairy powers,  I have a pet unicorn named Opal and I love to dance, but my most loved activity of all time is visiting children for their birthdays!  I would love to come and celebrate your next birthday with you and your friends! 

Here is the Magic Fairy Itinerary:

Special Flower Fairy Entrance

Upon the Magical Fairy Blanket, I'll tell the story of Rainbow Paradise

Fairy treasure hunt (every child gets 2 treasures for keepsake)

Fairy Dancing Games

Time to create and draw our Magical Fairy Mural

Fairy Face Painting with gems and glitter

For our finally we perform a Fairy Spell 

As always, we will have plenty of time for photos!