Princess Celestia - Magical  Unicorn MLP


Making Your Event a Crowning Success!

My name is Princess Celestia.

I am a beautiful, magical Pegasus-Unicorn who rules the magical kingdom of Equestria.  My job is to raise and lower the sun each day over the land. Invite me to your next birthday party and be transported to a land where unicorns fly, talk, dance and much more! 

Party itinerary: 

Princess Celestia arrives with her beautiful theme song playing. 

Magical Pony to Unicorn Transformation Ceremony happens -  Princess Celestia will turn our birthday girl into Princess Twilight Sparkle (crowns and wings for birthday girl).

​Each child will make their own special unicorn horn. (supplies included) 

My Little Unicorn Parade with photos!

Storytime! An interactive tale of Ponyville and Twighlight Sparkles long lost treasure.

Ponyville Treasure Hunt .... keepsakes for all!

Dance! Princess Celestia will teach our little unicorns a ballet dance to PERFORM for the audience (Moms and Dads)

Magic Unicorn themed face painting, coloring and more games as time permits. 

As always we save plenty of time to sing, "Happy Birthday" and pose for photos.